Thursday, March 11, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! [Updates]

A lot of things have happened since I posted last...almost a month ago. Woops! Things have been hectic around here, but the chaos has been due to a full social calendar so I can't complain. I've meant to post several times, but I have been majorly slacking in the photo department and a blog entry is just so much better with pictures. Here's a brief rundown on Vang updates:

-Andreas and I had a great Valentine's day at home. We enjoyed a low key, three day weekend and some much needed respite. Andreas was awesome and got me a sewing machine as a Valentine's present!
-We booked our 'honeymoon' trip to London!!! With the aid of OCD and my mother's genes I have put together an exhaustive list of sites and attractions covering everything from Buckingham Palace to Abbey Road to Platform 9 and 3/4. That's right Harry Potter fans, read it and weep. We are also going to see Wicked at the famous Victoria Theater, which I am totally excited about!
-Andreas is still playing soccer with several guys from work at a local indoor complex. It is entertaining to hear their collective commentary as the group of 25-30 somethings play against teams composed of high school soccer players. To say they get some serious exercise on Sunday nights is an understatement.
-Andreas attended our church's Men's Retreat a few weekends ago. Call me crazy, but for some reason I just don't think a Women's Retreat would go over as well with one large communal bedroom (although Andreas did say the snoring level was tolerable).
-We are finally in the process of becoming members of the church we have been attending for three years. Last weekend we participated in a very fruitful and educational membership class, and I am looking forward to becoming a covenant member!
-We bought a new couch! Our old couch is still in good condition, but we always knew we would eventually replace it. Andreas should have known not to take me into Crate & Barrel...that store is dangerous to our wallets!
-I got a cyst removed from my scalp, but don't worry it's nothing medically serious. The only reason it's even worth mentioning is because I've been putting it off for years and I finally gave in and had it taken care of.

On an ending note, I leave you with this...

It's a combination of two things I have been playing around with recently - my sewing machine and digital scrapbooking (which I'm very new and not very good at).