Sunday, November 1, 2015

{Best. Friends. For Like Ever.}

I saw these shirts a while back online and couldn't resist buying them for the boys. They wore them this morning to church, and a photo shoot seemed more than necessary.

August was a great sport, but it will be a while before he can keep up with his older brothers. We let him take a break and captured a couple of photos of just Anders and Aksel.

I pray that these three little buddies truly remain best friends throughout their lives. What a special gift!

{Halloween 2015}

I'm not sure we've ever been safer than we were this Halloween, as we were protected by three brave superheroes!

Upon passing an impressive rack of costumes displayed at Costco, Anders quickly requested to dress as Spiderman for Halloween. Knowing that we had some coordinating costumes stashed from a previous Halloween, we obliged, and a theme was born.

The cutest Batman I've ever seen (since 2013 ;)).

August thoroughly enjoyed watching his tough big brothers demonstrate all their superhero moves throughout the evening.

In lieu of trick-or-treating, we visited a local church's Fall Festival, where the kids happily played games and collected candy. It was a cool and rainy evening, and the festival was perfect for a fun, and quick, Halloween celebration before returning home for bedtimes.