Friday, March 27, 2015


The portrait project continues - a photo of my children, each week, every week, for a year. This week I've been lazy, so all pictures were shot with a phone. It's not my preference, but it will have to do...

anders // This has been the greyest month I can remember. I finally bought you boys rain coats because the bleak, wet weather was keeping us inside. On Saturday morning, we found a new creek to explore. Thank goodness Far and Farmor were there because the heavy rains had raised the water and there's no way I could have kept up with you three boys on my own. But you were so fun to watch, in your element and so excited!

aksel // You are a professional pouter. Oftentimes when you are disappointed, instead of throwing the usual toddler tantrum, you hang your head low, pout your lips, and close your eyes. You do this in the most dramatic way possible, so as to communicate that we, your parents, have truly ruined your good time. In this picture, you are making sure Far knows that you are heartbroken he won't allow you to ride Rody on the coffee table. (Side note: You have also started attempting to ride him on the couch. Why are you trying to give mommy a heart attack?!)

august // I just love when babies fold their little hands. The other day, Anders noticed your cousin Esther doing it on FaceTime and commented that she was praying. These days I'm doing my best to memorize your tiny little fingers and your tiny little toes because I know too soon I'm going to blink and you'll be racing and wrestling with your big brothers. 


Time to play a little catch up around here. 

anders // You have always enjoyed being outdoors, and recently we've made a concerted effort to begin ushering your interest into true learning. We catch bugs, read nature picture books, take walks, and discuss our findings as we go. Here, you are pictured giving me your best impression of an owl. 

aksel // Let it be known that you are not a tag-along on our expeditions, but an excited participant. I practically had to drag you from this creek bed after almost an hour of pebble throwing.  I nervously watched you bend down over and over at this slight incline to gather small stones and finally suggested you just lie on your belly, despite the muddy mess I knew would follow. I'm confident we will visit this spot frequently this summer, though next time I'll be sure you are wearing water shoes!

august // My sweet little tummy sleeper (Don't freak out, people. I don't actually put him to bed on his stomach. He just happily passes out pretty quickly after we start tummy time exercises!). Aksel used to do this too. But not Anders. No way. That kid made sure from the beginning to never fall asleep unprompted ;)

And I have to include this extra little gem from a sunny afternoon spent in the front yard. It's one of the first pictures of the three boys together, and I just love it!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Well, I still haven't gotten around to writing about Anders' birthday. I'm sure you are all wildly surprised at my lack of blogging consistency (gives side eye for sarcastic effect).

Last week we were hit with a huge snowstorm! Huge! As in more than a couple of inches. Snow! As in that cold, powdery stuff that falls from the sky in flakes as opposed to the sleet/freezing rain/wintry mix that freezes our lawns and cracks underfoot to which we are so accustomed. Storm! As in wind and precipitation for several consecutive hours. Perhaps you easterners feel I'm overstating things a bit, but this kind of thing only happens every 10 years or so around here, so just let me relish the moment. Mkay? 

Our area is not very well-equipped to remove snow or ice from roadways, so Andreas ended up working from home for a couple of days. He took a short break at one point to help me bundle up the kids and enjoy some family fun. 

anders // You had such fun discovering small snow drifts, learning to make and throw snowballs with Far, and creating your first snow angel. It was magical to watch you run through untouched snow, leaving a fresh trail of tracks behind you. I did, however, feel bad that you also ran through our neighbor's lawn and ruined their pristine view. Oops. 

aksel // After spending way too long cooped inside, I thought you would be so relieved to finally get out and run around. Well, apparently our town is not the only party ill-equipped to deal with snow. Without waterproof gloves, you spent most of the time staring at your hands with great concern and begging us to remove the frozen snow. Though I wouldn't go so far as to say you disliked the experience, you certainly seemed to enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows afterward much more. 

august // My little buddy. You were a good sport and endured the frigid cold and blinding sunlight like a champ, snug in Far's arms. When we went inside to peel off all our wet clothes, he set you down and you fell asleep right there on the wood floor. And props to my wise sister, Hannah, who bought us this seemingly impractical teddy suit when we had Anders. It has actually been an awesome wardrobe addition and we've used it at least once with every kiddo. 

Monday, March 2, 2015


Anders turned 4 years old this week, which honestly seems pretty unbelievable. How can he already be 4?! I hope to have a separate birthday post up soon, but for now, here are this week's portraits. 

anders // In lieu of a party this year (I just wasn't up to the challenge of coordinating an event for 20 energetic 4 year-olds with a 3 week-old in tow. Next year, buddy!), Far and I thought it would be fun to celebrate your birthday with a special father and son camping trip. We all considered this upcoming adventure when selecting your gifts. Here you are pictured with your new fishing rod and magnifying glass, primed and ready for discovery. I can't wait until the weather warms up a bit and you are able to put them to good use!

aksel // We recently pulled out the bassinet attachment for the stroller, and you've decided it's pretty entertaining. Some days you will randomly wander over and climb in, twisting and rolling around happily, despite the fact that you barely fit! 

august // I know newborns don't consciously smile, but I caught what sure looks to be the beginnings of a grin as your oldest brother attempted to amuse you under the play gym. Both Anders and Aksel took a while to smile, and they made us work hard to elicit such reactions. I often joke that they inherited your Far's hard-to-impress sense of humor. The reality is that they find each other far more hilarious than they find Far or me, and I can't help but assume you will agree. But the thought of you three brothers laughing together warms my heart (and helps soothe my damaged ego ;))