Sunday, January 25, 2015


A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week.

anders // My boy, you are expressive and passionate. We like to play a game where I name an emotion and you quickly pull a face that communicates it best. I like to think I'm teaching you words that you will one day enlist to describe your feelings, but I'm pretty sure you mostly enjoy the theatrics of it all. This was your 'angry' face, and while it doesn't look especially angry to me in the picture, I loved how your whole body reacted as you lunged towards the camera. 

aksel // You are curious, and you love to chase the sunlight. Many mornings after breakfast, you walk over to the sun dancing on the wall and attempt to touch the golden light. This particular afternoon, you plopped down on the patio in a harshly bright area to inspect the chiminea. You used the racing flag pole from Anders' Big Flyer (that you boys typically reserve for digging in the sand box) to prod the charred wood. In this moment, and so many others, I find myself wondering at the innate boy-ness with which I am surrounded.  

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Creating habits is tough, people. On some level I knew that keeping up with this project would be more difficult than it initially appeared, but I have been surprised at just how challenging it's been to capture glimpses of our days. It takes discipline to pause, to identify seemingly mundane moments as potentially special or unique. And even beyond that, it's required a fair amount of discipline to lug around and reacquaint myself with my camera. But it's Week 2, and I made it. And I suppose the point of this whole exercise is to instill new habits. Good habits. So, here we go.

anders // After spending an early afternoon hiking and playing at a playground, you insisted you didn't need a quiet time. I made a special exception and allowed you to watch a movie instead. This was the first time I've ever seen you fall asleep on the couch, and honestly, I lived to regret the decision. You woke up after a brief half hour and were in a terrible mood. But during that short-lived nap, it sure was sweet to sit next to you and listen to the steady rhythm of your breath. 

aksel // We were greeted with sunshine and amazing 70 degree weather in the middle of January. Far assembled a new water table, gifted to you boys at Christmas by Aunt Signe and Uncle Michael. I tried to sneak you to the backyard to explore and enjoy on your own for a bit, but Anders caught on to our plan about 90 seconds later. Of course you both loved playing and were completely soaked in no time. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Well, friends, it's been eight, long months since my last blog update. I don't have a worthwhile explanation, so I'll spare you my excuses. But know that I am excited and determined to post more regularly. I'm starting with a simple goal - a portrait of each of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2015. This first week I approached the portrait project in a very literal sense, but in the future I hope to capture moments and memories, details from our daily life.

anders // 3 years and 10 months

aksel // 21 months

It's hard to believe that in early February, this series will require a transition from two weekly photos to three, but more on that later!