Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What inspires you? Is it a person? A place? A song? A book?

Surprisingly, I draw much of my inspiration from the internet. Don't get me wrong, I have my fair share of brilliant and supportive friends and family who challenge and love on me. But let's face it, life is busy and some days I just don't have the opportunity to engage with those people as much as I would like. And that's where the internet comes in. It provides this seemingly limitless source of new information, ideas, and invitations that feed my brain, demand my creativity, and trigger new goals. Today I wanted to share some of those sources of inspiration, on the off chance that perhaps you might be inspired too...


Young House Love -
The couple at Young House Love share stories, advice, and DIY projects as they settle into their first home and raise their precious daughter Clara. From mood boards to roof repair to environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, they've got it all (and with weekly giveaways how can you resist a visit?).

How About Orange -
Graphics, prints, and fabrics, oh my! Jessica is a textile designer that introduces us to eye-catching designs in prints, fashion, and housewares.

Ohdeedoh -
Okay, maybe I'm a little biased, but what could be more entertaining than browsing nurseries put together by design-savvy parents?! Baby books, wall art, strollers, and toys all hand-picked by our friends with impeccable taste over at Apartment Therapy.


Smitten Kitchen -
The recipes Deb shares from her New York kitchen are anything but ordinary, and her photos can only be categorized as food porn. As if that weren't enough, she also shares pictures of her sweet son, who is quite possibly the cutest little boy I've ever seen.

Pioneer Woman -
Dieters beware, Ree's recipes aren't exactly butter free. What she lacks in health-consciousness she makes up with charisma. Her website includes several sections aside from Cooking that document her life as an accidental country girl.

Tastespotting -
This site is full of eye candy, quite literally in some cases. Tastespotting is a visual recipe book. It's also a great way to find other food blogs whose tastes appeal to your own.


Jasmine Star -
Jasmine's blog features a sweet mix of personal and professional posts, with photos from her most recent jobs, advice for aspiring photographers, and quips from life behind the lens.

Jessica Claire -
Voted one of the top wedding photographers in the world, Jessica shares a glimpse into her life through images from her work.


Big Mama -
Big Mama somehow manages to interest you in the mundane (and not so mundane) happenings of her life as the wife of P, landscape company owner and avid hunter, and mother of Caroline, a precious, saucy, energetic second grader. She's witty, she loves the Lord, and she's an Aggie. And her daily posts always manage to make me smile.

Jen Wilkin -
This is a newer addition to my blogroll, but don't let that deter you from checking it out. Jen's writing is God-centered and thought-provoking.