Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guest Room - Mostly Complete!

Well we made some final headway on the guest room. The picture below shows my favorite aspect of the room, the anise decal. This is the piece we were waiting on before we could post pictures. The white and gray anise is actually a sticker! How cool is that?! Also you can see the two different colors of paint we used in the room. The lighter color covers three walls, and the darker green is only painted on the wall across from the bed.

Here is how the bed turned out. We wanted an inviting and warm room that welcomed our guests, something that was functional, but not too feminine or masculine. We settled on a print duvet, with accent pillows. I really like how the light bedding looks on the dark wood bedframe. I'm also loving the gray lamp.

You can get an idea here of the small shelf in the corner of the bedroom. I haven't gotten pictures in the frames yet or finalized the decorations that will be here permanently, but it's a start.

We still need to add a few touches to the room, but I really like where it's going so far. Hopefully our guests enjoy it too!


  1. Hey, This looks great. I love the decal!! It adds a perfect touch. Glad you are getting finished with this project so people will be able to enjoy your work. :)

  2. The room looks amazing and is both inviting and fun. Way to go! Lovin' the decal addition.

  3. Love it! The wall color is serene yet modern. Great job!!!