Thursday, May 23, 2013

{Real Life: Captain Fantastic}

Today during naptime (which is a term we use fast and loose around here in reference to the mandatory bedroom time when Anders may choose to actually rest or may simply unload every toy he owns from its respective bucket, basket, or shelf into the middle of his floor), Anders beckoned me to his room, "Poo poo, Mommy. Poo poo." He had already retrieved a diaper from the closet, along with some sports pajamas he discovered. Despite my fashion advice, he was determined to incorporate the jammies into his ensemble.  Never mind that it's 86 degrees outside and one of these garments included footies. They featured baseballs and that was much more important.

And here he is in all his glory, Captain Fantastic enjoying his snack after there-was-no-naptime. Big truck shirt, check. Pajama pants, check. Sports cape, check. The kid's got style.

And even though Anders didn't need the extra sleep today, this guy sure did. Love his little leg rolls...

Now if only I could figure out a way to get myself a nap.


  1. what cuties:) can't wait to see them this summer:)

    1. We're excited for family and sunshine, too!