Friday, October 11, 2013

{Week in Review}

One of the inevitable effects of having out-of-town visitors in our home is that Anders becomes overwhelmingly curious about all of their possessions. That makeup brush you innocently left on the bathroom counter? He'll use it to sweep the floor. Those shoes you left in the hallway? He might take them for a spin around the house. He'll also be happy to taste-test your Chapstick, reposition your bookmark, and secretly drink from your water glass. The situation is only compounded by the fact that our guests share a bathroom with the boys. One item Anders became particularly enamored with during my mom's visit was her electric toothbrush. She begrudgingly let him try it out, but went and bought him one of his own as soon as she had the chance. Who could blame her, really? I honestly couldn't believe she let him try it out in the first place. It is so fun to watch children receive gifts. His response was an exaggerated, 'I looooove this.'

But the fun didn't stop there. It was such a great visit. My mom had the opportunity to spend quality time with each of the boys individually, and on a couple of occasions I snuck away to hang out with friends and participate in uninterrupted conversation! But back to Nina and Anders...

One of their activities Anders especially enjoyed was making pigs in a blanket. Look at that concentration!

He was so excited, talking on and on about his piggies, and he could barely wait to let them cool before diving in to gobble a few. 

We've been exercising our creative muscles other ways too. 

A couple of grandparent birthdays are coming up, so we've had our paints out daily. I've given up on paintbrushes. Q-tips are fun to use and make cleanup a little simpler. 

And we spent one morning transforming a large cardboard box (from a recent chair purchase) into a cozy house for Anders. He tells me those yellow blobs are butterflies by the way. 

He especially loved giving Andreas the grand tour once he got home from work. 

Aksel loved watching them play peek-a-boo!

Speaking of Aksel, he's been busy too. He's learning to eat solids and developing his opinions. He had a strong aversion to carrots, but seems to like sweet potatoes and zucchini just fine. He also cut his first two teeth this week! He had one terribly difficult night but has been a champ for the most part. He's been working on his fitness too, improving his crawling skills as well as sitting upright. 

I love these brothers!


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    1. You are so sweet, Marie! Miss you!!!

  2. They are so sweet!!! Eli's favorite is sweet potato. He will eat an entire potato in one sitting. And then a whole bunch of other stuff too. I think his legs are hollow ;)

    1. Anders eats like a bird, so I'm super interested in seeing how Aksel's appetite develops :)