Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{Holiday: Easter}

Our family had an amazing Easter weekend. We spent a lot of quality time together, enjoying Easter traditions and talking about the hope we have in Jesus Christ. 

On Saturday, we dyed Easter eggs. Anders had an awesome time coloring and decorating the eggs, but I'm pretty sure his greatest thrills came from directing Andreas and me. He would tell us what color to dye which egg, remind us when he thought they needed turning in the dye cups, and choose what words or pictures he wanted drawn on each. 

While Anders was excited to decorate the eggs, Aksel was more interested in eating them.

Truth be told, we only ended up with 5 eggs at the end of this activity because the boys kept begging to eat them. Kids are so weird. 

On Sunday after church, my sister and I both attempted to take some family photos. The picture below is a pretty fair representation of the results. It was extremely bright, neither of the boys was all that interested in surrendering his Easter basket loot (Aksel is holding a mini spatula and Anders a Pez dispenser), and almost no picture features both boys actually looking at the camera. I take that back. There was a group of pictures where they were both facing forward, but in all of them Anders is making his favorite 'cheetah face', which looks more angry than happy, so I decided not to share any of those. Anyway, you get the gist. The boys wore adorable, matching outfits that made them even cuter than normal and it was virtually impossible to say no to their (read: Anders') incessant requests for just one more piece of candy.  

After church, Easter baskets, brunch, and photos, it was finally time for the egg hunt! Andreas helped Aksel discover what all the fuss was about...

...while Anders ran around collecting 90% of the eggs despite our constant requests that he leave some for Aksel. Typical oldest child ;)

And that concludes the bulk of our festivities!

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