Friday, November 1, 2013

{Holiday: Halloween 2013}

For some reason Blogger is uploading my photos with a brown tint, but because I'm impatient I decided to go ahead and publish the post anyway. Once it starts working correctly I'll reload them (if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know!).

When Andreas' parents were here, we visited Frisco Fire Safety Town one night for their annual Trick or Treat event. It was a lot of fun, but as a rookie parent, I learned a few valuable lessons. First, that is a popular event. We waited in line forty-five minutes before we even made it in to Safety Town! Second, it gets dark pretty early in late October. Even with my DSLR in tow, the dim lighting really limited my opportunities for a good photo. Which leads me to my third, and final, point. Toddler obedience decreases dramatically in the presence of other children, fire trucks, and free candy. The lighting was definitely not my biggest problem. With so many things to observe and explore, Anders wanted nothing to do with posing or sitting still for the camera, even for a second. And who could blame him? With the odds stacked against me, I still managed to get a couple decent pictures of Anders in costume. I especially like the image on the left. It reminds me of Batman caught in the spotlight.

With that experience under my belt, I decided to take a few pictures of the kids in their costumes on Halloween afternoon. The sun was out, and recent naps led to much improved attitudes.

What's that in the sky? It's a bird. It's a plane.

No. It's SuperAksel!

Never fear! Batman is here!

Anders is on watch, keeping your neighborhoods crime free.

As far as I'm concerned, the only thing better than one superhero is two.

We took the boys Trick-or-Treating with several friends last night, and it was a huge success. We kept it short and sweet, walking one heavily-lit street, and the kids did so well. They were courteous and overall adorable. What a fun night!


  1. So stinkin cute! I just saw your comment on the felt ball wreath tutorial. I will totally help you through it if you decide to make it! I am dying to see your cute house anyway!