Monday, December 14, 2009

December Madness

My brain is moving a hundred miles an hour these days. I have at least ten mental lists going at all times, ten more lists on my iPhone, lists at work, post-its everywhere. I've officially lost track of the days of the week. It's crazy how the holidays get so busy so fast. Why isn't my brain organized like this?

Instead it feels like a jumbled mess of paperwork, some of which was fed through a shredder. But through it all, I continue to remind myself of a sermon from a couple of weeks ago. Beau Hughes gave a sermon entitled 'The Age of Anxiety' from Matthew 6. He talked about how anxiety plagues our society and how easy it is to let fear and worry rule your heart. The sermon rang so true in my heart. That I let things like making cookies for cookie exchanges and mailing Christmas cards and staying on top of my laundry pile cause me mental exhaustion is just crazy. I hope everyone actually takes time to enjoy the holidays, be with friends and family, and let unimportant things fall to the wayside.

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  1. there is a great little booklet called The Tyrany of the Urgent. A good reminder.