Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Wow, blogging every day is way harder than I imagined. But I'm going to continue to try to do it as frequently as possible this month.

This is the first ornament I ever gave Andreas, and I still think it is adorable. I mean a s'more telling you it 'burns 4 you' - what could be cuter than that?! Ornament gifting is definitely a tradition in my family. Every year on Christmas Eve my parents would give each of us three kids an ornament, something that reminded them of us, and we would hang them on the tree. When we went on a vacation or somewhere special as a family, we would always purchase an ornament as a memento.

I love theme Christmas trees, when all the tinsel and lights and glass balls coordinate to look festive and elegant. And I would love to have a tree like that in my home someday...but it could never be my only Christmas tree. I love love love walking by this tree, every day catching a glimpse of a different ornament, a different memory, a different story. It is such a special part of Christmas.

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