Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last week we decided to introduce solids into Anders' diet. We are (read: I am) going to try to make our baby food at home. Now, I'm not trying to get controversial here. This isn't that kind of blog. But before anyone laughs in my face or gets turned off thinking I'm about to get on my soap box, keep in mind that this is our first baby. We are intoxicated with parental love, spending loads of time staring at our son blow spit bubbles or do his best to shove toys in his mouth, soaking in every bit of that new baby smell. Not all the smells are good by the way. If you think we are naively optomistic in believing we can control exactly what goes into our boy's belly for a little longer is that really a bad thing? Regardless of whether the food is homemade or storebought, watching a baby eat for the very first time is pretty dang cute. Without further ado, I give you a picture story.

You want me to do what?

What's this?

Maybe it isn't so bad...

Or maybe I spoke too soon.

Really, Mom? Will I have to do this again?

Anders' first experience with solids was actually pretty great. He seemed to enjoy the taste of the carrots, but was dumbfounded as to what to do with them once they were in his mouth. He's learning, slowly but surely.

Now he just needs to figure out that he can't eat his hands at the same time...

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