Friday, February 27, 2015


We are slowly adjusting to life as a family of five...with loads of help, of course. (Thank you to all of our family and friends! You guys deserve all. the. hugs.)

anders // You created a truly beautiful Valentine's card for your Far this year using watercolors. It was particularly exciting for me to watch, because although you opted to apply the paints with your hands, you kept the colors separate and vibrant. This was in direct contrast with your favorite painting method so far - stirring everything together into a muddied mess. Please don't judge me. I value your gray blob art too, but these brilliant hues are a much better reflection of your animated personality!

aksel // You, my child, appreciate a cozy setting and a slow moment. Hygge is in your blood.

august // You've settled into the newborn routine nicely. We are all smitten with you, and I, myself, spend a fair amount of time staring at you sleep. This is partially because you are adorable and partially because you are the loudest sleeper in history. Whether you are squeaking, snoring, grunting, or growling, I'm constantly returning to your resting spot only to find you sound asleep. I'm not complaining, though. It's a pretty sweet view. 

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