Monday, August 10, 2009


Aaaah, Florida. Isn't the view beautiful?! There is just something about the place where the water meets the sky that is so relaxing.

On Friday morning we went down to the beach for breakfast. It was all part of the grand proposal scheme, and it was delightful. We basically had the beach to ourselves. Liselotte packed bread and spreads, coffee, and fresh fruit including these little bananas from the Vang's own backyard!

We threw a frisbee, played paddle ball, wakeboarded, and relaxed in the waves.

That night, to celebrate, we all went out to a nice dinner at J. Alexander's to celebrate Michael and Signe's engagement. The buttery croissants, roasted artichokes, steak, salad, Danish ribs, tuna steak, and Key Lime pie were all incredibly delicious and the service was fantastic.

The next day with our photographical powers combined (our body, Preben's lens), we got some seriously cute family pics to document the weekend. We had just listened to Preben preach that morning and were actually wearing nicer attire than beachwear! As a note, Andreas is not 7 feet tall. The yard is slanted.

Andreas and me!

And because he is my husband and undoubtedly the best wakeboarder of the weekend, here is one last picture of Andreas being awesome.

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