Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's All in the Details

Troels and Karina's wedding was absolutely beautiful. Weddings are always a special time to celebrate, bringing together family and friends from different places and phases in our lives. It is an amazing opportunity to see two people you love start their new life together as one.

Something I particularly enjoy at weddings is seeing how the small details reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, making things unique and adding a personal touch. Here are a few tidbits from the wedding this weekend.

Programs on the chairs at church, adorned with the same Polaroid-esque picture as the invitations.

Gorgeous small bouquets, put together by Karina, friends, and family, marked the end of each pew adding a fresh touch.

The stage was decorated with candles and flowers, totally perfect for the couple. It was elegant and classic, but not overstated. Everything looked fantastic without trying too hard.

The cake was a work of art...and a work of love because it was baked and decorated by Karina and some of her friends.

I loved loved loved all the tiny roses.

The venue for the banquet dinner was a contrast to the old church and natural decorations seen at the ceremony. It was sleek and modern and reflected a different facet of the couple's style. It's simplicity and similar flower arrangements as centerpieces seamed the two events together flawlessly.

Check out the great bar. Metal and industrial with natural stones.

And just like that it was night. Candlelight created a warm, cozy atmosphere that was a great setting for speeches, skits, and songs full of love and laughter.

We are so happy for you both. Congratulations Troels and Karina!

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