Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lake Barcis

One of our day trips in Italy started with a relaxed morning at the market. The vendors sell everything from clothes to seafood to jewelry to fresh produce. We spent a couple of hours walking around looking at what everyone had to offer. We ended up buying fruit, cheese, and marinated olives for part of our picnic lunch later that day.

Our destination that afternoon was Lake Barcis.

After a short drive through some challenging roadways and quaint villages, we arrived. We sat down and ate lunch at this picnic table. Since it was a weekday we basically had the lake to ourselves. Andreas, Hannah, and Mom checked out the fish swimming just at the lake's edge.

We walked the path that circled the lake. Mom, Dad, and Hannah had been once before and said the water was much lower on this visit.

It was a beautiful area!

But then we drove a little further down the road to this! Crystal clear streams with an awesome view of the mountains.

The water was gorgeous!

The beach was rocky, but it was so nice. The weather was cool and we all just hung out skipping stones and listening to the water.

Family pic - we don't exactly look very glamorous here!

The water was freezing. I mean freezing. If it hadn't been moving so quickly I am certain the water at the shore's edge would have frozen. I barely dipped a toe in before decided I was content to sit on a towel on the warm rocks. The only ones brave enough to attempt getting in were Andreas and Mom. I love this picture. You can see the pain in their faces, haha. It was so cold! They're tough, but they didn't last long. They only got half way across before they were running back towards us!

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