Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're Baaaaaack!

The blog hiatus is over!!! Things should return back to normal now and I'll be posting much more often. I have tons of things I want to share from our vacation, so there is no lack of material in the near future. 10 days of no blogging actually felt like a long time for me too. I like being able to share our lives with you guys!

Our first night in Denmark we celebrated Emil's birthday with the whole Møller-Nielsen family. It was the perfect start to the trip. The weather was refreshingly cool, a definite and welcome change from the Texas heat, so we hung out in their backyard among the beautiful flowers (seriously their garden is amazing)...

snacking and drinking soda...

and watching Frida play with 'Long Lena' on the slide...

Frida is 100% adorable, and she is definitely an entertainer. She sang and danced and played the piano. The kid was on a roll.

She even helped Emil open his birthday presents.

We all talked and laughed and hung out in the newly finished family room at Jørn and Winnie's. It is so nice with tons of natural light, plenty of seating, and an adequate amount of open space for Frida to hop around and play, which she did a lot of.

We had a delicious dinner, perhaps the best meal I ate the entire trip. That of course had nothing to do with the three desserts served in honor of Emil's birthday. And you have to at least sample them all. Not doing so would just be rude, right?

It was such a good visit. We love you Jørn, Winnie, Rasmus, Mads, Mette, Frida, and Emil!

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