Monday, September 14, 2009

Venice Day 1

Venice. It's extremely well-known, steeped in history and romance. The city is alive and definitely has a story to tell. I think when most people hear the word Venice it conjures up vivid images in their heads, and in person the city did not disappoint.

After arriving at the airport from Copenhagen, we took a water taxi to the island. We docked near San Marco Plaza. The street was overflowing with people and vendors, lined in beautiful, bold buildings, and gondolas were everywhere.

Our surroundings were mysterious and beautiful. The canals, the architecture, the shops - everything had character and seemed to breathe together easily.
Ah yes, there was an exception. The pigeons were not beautiful. They were gross and nasty, though it seems most of the visitors had a difference of opinion with me on this matter.
Including my mother!
We walked from San Marco to the Rialto, the large bridge spanning the Great Canal. It wasn't a long distance, but we took our time, peeking into shops along the way, stopping at other random landmarks, appreciating the cafes and pastry shops, enjoying the sunshine and the beauty in the old architecture.
Hey look! A shoe store! I know you all want a pair for Christmas - just like the elves! Now I can appreciate European style, but this I just do not understand.
Like I said, gondolas were everywhere! They lined the wider side canals and you would occassionally see them drifting along in the tiny canals, gondoliers steering around excited tourists. We didn't take a ride, but maybe someday.
The boats have such personality! Most are ridiculously ornate and opulent, appealing to romance-hungry couples, of which there is no shortage.
It does not take much to get lost. We enjoyed wandering around, strolling through less-crowded streets eyeing everything from pizza to Murano glass. There is no pattern to the alleys that I could determine. Every few streets is a small, quiet canal, some with bridges, some without. We did a good amount of walking on Monday, but I feel like we zig-zagged our way through the entire city on the next visit. More on that later.
Finally we made it to the Rialto. There were people everywhere, going in and out of shops, smoking, selling purses, eating gelato. So fun!
But the view. Oh the view...
After a long day, we enjoyed a pizza dinner outside. The appetizer was delicious! Fried bread with fresh, fresh, fresh tomatoes and olive oil, cheese, and herbs.
Venice at night is possibly even more beautiful.
We went to Venice again toward the end of the week. But there were fun trips in between! Coming soon!

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