Monday, April 22, 2013

{Week(s) In Review}

I've shared a little of what we've been up to lately, but there's a lot I've left out too.  The last few weeks prior to Aksel's arrival were busy and fun-filled, so busy and fun-filled in fact that I haven't gotten around to blogging the bulk of our activities.  Now I'm playing a little catch up.  Get ready for a photo-heavy post that's a little all over the place, y'all.

In mid-March I got a new camera lens.  Naturally I needed to test it out on one of my favorite models.  It's just too bad he's so camera shy...

One day while my mom was in town we ventured the short distance north to hang out in my sister's neighborhood.  If you can look past the hipsters with their electronic cigarettes and epic beards, Denton Square really is the perfect place to spend the day wandering around.

It's cozy and quaint, the streets lined with coffee houses, thrift stores, and boutiques.

We attempted to get some group shots in front of the old, beautiful courthouse that stands at the center of the Square, but it was so windy that we didn't get a single blog-worthy photo.  

At one point we needed to stop for refreshments and found ourselves here.  This is my sister in her element.  Hemingway had Cafe La Rotonde; Hannah has Jupiter House.

And a visit to Denton Square isn't complete without visiting the Atomic Candy shop.  Anders was completely enamored with the vintage lunch boxes, although the more familiar characters won his attention in the end.

As my due date quickly approached, we took a day trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.  All that walking was sure to trigger labor, right?  Spoiler alert: it didn't work.  But we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

I have always loved going to zoos, and it's even more fun now that Anders gets excited about seeing all the animals.

We lounged with elephants...

 ...kissed turtles...

...and had our picture taken in front of giraffes.  

With Texas summers being so hot, it was a wonderful experience to enjoy the zoo on a mild spring day.

How weird was it having Easter in March this year?  That just seemed so early to me!  Even though his face doesn't show it, Anders was very excited about our first Easter egg hunt.

He took his job seriously, darting around the backyard and carefully piling eggs into his overflowing Elmo basket.

Nina with her oldest grandson... 

...and a picture to remember our third (and last) Easter as a family of three.

Just for fun, here are a couple of pictures from Easter 2011 and 2012.

Well that's all I've got for our March recap.  Look out for April's review coming soon!

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