Monday, June 10, 2013

{10 on 10}

Prepare yourself for 10 on 10, summer edition. Instead of featuring ten photos documenting a single day, I'm sharing ten pictures from the onset of summer. Living in Texas, it's impossible to avoid the sweltering heat of the season. Unsurprisingly, Anders is unphased by the extreme weather, and his desire to be outdoors has not waned a bit. 

One of our favorite summer stomping grounds is the local splash pad. As if the free water features weren't enough to keep us coming back, the crowds also draw bicycle carts full of ice cream and trucks serving shaved ice. It's also close to Andreas' office, so he's occasionally able to take a midday break for lunch with the family. (No this is not what Andreas wears to work. I always bring him a change of clothes and some flip flops when he meets us!)

Another regular form of summer entertainment is sure to be our backyard kiddie pool. A gift from Anders' grandparents last summer, I'm actually kind of surprised it survived the off season tucked away on a garage shelf. It reinflated with no problem this summer, however, and I'm looking forward to dipping my feet in daily. 

One of our favorite ways to cool down is visiting the community pool. The price is a bit steep at $120 for a family summer pass, but our local Aquatic Center is more water park than pool, so it's not too outrageous. The toddler area alone contains a gradual incline entry, water cannons, spray bars, and water slides, while the rest of the complex boasts a 200-foot lazy river, a two flume slide, a separate diving well, and several other swimming pools.

We've only been once this summer so far, and Andreas was there to help me tag-team the kids. If anyone has advice on how to manage solo pool trips with multiple littles, I would love to hear it! Seriously, leave a comment. I need all the help I can get!

What do you do in the summer to keep cool?!

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