Sunday, June 23, 2013

{Week in Review}

We fell into a sweet routine this past week. I don't expect it to last long, because if I recall newborn 'routines' only last a hot minute before they hit a new milestone or growth spurt and are completely changing the game on you. But last week, for a few wonderfully slow afternoons, Anders and I spent some much needed one-on-one time playing while Aksel took marathon naps (thank you, Aksel!).

Sometimes, the simplest toys are the most entertaining. Anders could not get enough of these wood blocks this week, and neither could I. It was so much fun watching him balance, build, crash, and rebuild for hours. He would get so proud of himself when he built a tall tower!

Another classic favorite we enjoyed was playing with cars. Lately Anders has been lining all his cars in a row across his bedroom floor. I won't deny that my type A, borderline-OCD personality may have modeled this behavior. And I won't deny that my type A, borderline-OCD personality may find total and complete joy in seeing him copying my example. We also actually race the cars and make fun car noises and all that stuff, too. 

Eventually Aksel would wake up and join our party. How could we resist this sweet face? (Ignore the little scratch by his eye. His nails are like tiny razors!)

We would try to get a little exercise in with some tummy time. Aksel seems to enjoy it so far and only gets fussy once he's completely worn out. 

Help him roll over and he's happy again. He and this little (hidden) pig had a stare-down while he tried to reach it with his feet.

I'm sure he'll be hurdling the baby gym and tossing the stuffed toys just like his big brother before I know it.