Monday, June 3, 2013

{Around Town: Rangers Ballpark in Arlington}

While my parents were in town, my brother and sister-in-law came to visit too! Kirk and Megan made the long drive from Missouri to spend a few days with us, and I am so grateful they did.

Growing up, my brother was always playing baseball. Always. I honestly don't think I even realized there was a baseball 'season', because it was a year-round event in our family. And we loved it. The people who sat alongside us on those bleachers and fold-up chairs were friends, family. We ate together, traveled together, celebrated wins and mourned losses together. We watched young boys grow into young men. 

So, it was especially meaningful to me when Kirk and Megan presented Anders with his first tee ball set. 

Anders' interest in the tee was short-lived.

He thought it was far more exciting to have someone pitch the ball instead, and his Doc was more than happy to oblige.

Did you know the ideal batting form includes closed eyes and rainboots? Well, at least it does according to Anders.

Be warned, however, that wearing rainboots during a Texas summer can induce (even more) excessive sweating.

Anders actually managed to make contact a few times! Whether it was skill, luck, or precision pitching, who could say? I love that Andreas is proudly watching in the background and that Kirk is unknowingly photobombing the picture while practicing his soccer moves.

Anders also spent a fair amount of time instructing various suckers family members to 'catch', a brilliant ruse to con the lucky recipient into pitching for further batting practice. 

During the weekend, Anders coined his latest mantra, 'Hit. Bat. Ball.' Repeat this 1000 times over, and you will still be nowhere near the amount of times that phrase has been uttered in our home since Kirk and Megan's visit.

Aksel watched the action from the patio as long as we would allow. When we worried he was too hot, Nina was happy to take him into the cool house.

With our baseball enthusiasm piqued, we made a trip to the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. This was definitely nostalgic for my family since we've been cheering on the Rangers together as long as I can remember. (My favorite Ranger was, and still remains, Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez in case you were wondering...which I'm sure you weren't.)

I was a little concerned about the boys missing their bedtimes, but judging by this face I'd say it was worth it.

Some other random shots from our night...

Kirk and Megan were such good sports about our busy day and late evening, even though they had made such a long drive earlier that morning.

Aksel chose this outfit especially for the occasion.

Anders loved hopping from lap to lap.

Aksel spent most of the night sleeping in the sling. (I love my sling and I love snuggles with my littlest!)

Andreas and Anders took some sweet selfies during the game.

We had a great time at our first family Ranger game. I see many more in our future!

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  1. anders makes me smile. love his closed eyes while swinging the bat. can't wait to see you all next month.