Monday, November 25, 2013

{DIY: Wreath Upgrade}

Friends, I was at Hobby Lobby today and became inspired to conquer a quick DIY project. It's nothing spectacular, but I thought I would share. 

Though not my original intent for visiting the store, I started perusing the Christmas aisles after noticing the brightly-colored 50% off signs plastered every three feet at eye level (score one for Hobby Lobby marketing). Anyway, I found myself wandering toward the holiday wreaths and innocently picked up a garland for closer inspection. That's when I quickly remembered why I had never purchased a wreath. $30?! For some plastic berries on a string?! Not a wreath in and of themselves, but intended to serve as one of many elements that when joined together with much attention and finesse could serve as a respectable door ornament?! I'll pass, thankyouverymuch. But it did get me thinking about the Christmas wreath I've uncerimoniously slapped on our front door the past several years. If I'm being honest, I don't even remember where it came from. Although, if I had to guess I would credit the woman whose collection of Christmas decor would put Mrs. Claus herself to shame. That's right, my mother. I don't know if this particular wreath was thrifted, gifted, or replaced, but somehow I became its owner. Sparse and smashed, it's served me well for five years. But today, I decided it was time for an upgrade. So there in Hobby Lobby I searched for a few decorative items that fit my qualifications: gold, glittery, and cheap. 

Once the littles were settled in for naptime, I began the makeover. First I removed all the old wreath decorations with the exception of the pinecones. It was at this point I realized I hadn't actually purchased anything to attach my new decorations to the evergreen wreath, so I did my best to salvage the fishing line and floral wire from the old stuff. Armed with scissors and my Hobby Lobby loot, I got to business. And 1 hour and about $10 later, I had my final product. Is it the cutest wreath ever? No. Will it be the cutest wreath on my street? Probably not. But people, it was under ten dollars!!! Compared to the triple digit prices I saw earlier this morning, I consider this a win. 

Here's a breakdown of the cost for anyone interested:
-Evergreen wreath: Free (reused)
-Pinecones: Free (reused)
-Gold wire ribbon: Free (flattened, recurled, and repurposed)
-Glittery, gold ornaments: $2.50 (after 50% off sale; there were actually 6 in the package but one was broken)
-Gold, bead rope: $1.50 (after 50% off sale)
-Glittery, gold leaves: $1.50 (2 at $0.75 each after 50% off sale)
-Wide, glittery, gold, wire-edged ribbon: $4.00 (after 40% off coupon; I still have several feet leftover)
Total cost: $9.50

Sometimes people try to tell me they aren't crafty. This project is proof that it does not always require a special skill set to take on a DIY project. Can you tie  knots in fishing line? Can you wrap ribbon around your finger? Can you deal with massive amounts of cheap glitter stuck to your hands? Then you're good to go! And that big bow on top? I just stapled a bunch of ribbon loops together. Don't tell anyone I cheated. 

So, if you have something laying around that is in need of a little TLC, maybe now is the time! There's nothing like a little Christmas crafting to get into the holiday spirit!

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  1. I DOOOO seem to recognize that old wreath ... looks way better now ! Good job :)