Thursday, February 20, 2014

{Week in Review}

Friends, I feel that it's my duty to warn you that this may quite possibly be the dullest thing you read all day. It's been a rather unremarkable week, resulting in the following narrative of random information. But now that I've properly lowered your expectations, I feel like we can move on.

A couple of days this week were spent in our pajamas, under self-mandated quarantine, waiting for a stomach bug to run its course (I told you this would be boring, did I not?) Naturally the extended time stuck at home required us to employ some rather unconventional methods of entertaining ourselves. 

Luckily, sickness didn't keep us down for long. The morning after Anders woke throwing up, I quickly went to work, creating a cozy (and easily cleanable) place where he could rest. It didn't take long before I was feeling like a sucker, though. I mean look at that kid. He was living it up, watching Pixar movies and eating endless Saltines.

The week certainly perked up from there, and we were able to celebrate Valentine's Day in good health. We gifted Anders and Aksel each a book, and at the last minute I included a keychain tape measure from the Target dollar bins for Anders. Ooooooh, mamas, go get you one today. That tape measure has accompanied us everywhere, and Anders has measured everything from the coffee table to cracks in the pavement. However, as much as he adores his 'measure', I'm pretty sure I received the best gift of the day. Andreas surprised me with this amazing bouquet, and it still looks gorgeous!

Improved health also meant that we could get out and enjoy some of this incredibly beautiful weather we've been having lately. (I realize that those of you in colder climates might be cursing me under your breath as you read this, but you'll feel sorry for me in a few months when I'm already melting in the unrelenting Texas heat.) Anyway, we loaded the boys into the wagon and walked to our neighborhood park. I'm dying over Aksel's hair in this picture. All three of my guys, Andreas included, have these 'wings'. Their hair grows so much faster behind their ears than anywhere else! I have to admit, however, Aksel does appear to have best achieved the Farrah effect with those windblown locks.

Left: Aksel (February 2014); Right: Anders (April 2012)
While he couldn't quite keep up with his older brother, Aksel did his best exploring, crawling, and climbing around all the new-to-him playground equipment. 

I think it's safe to say he had a good time.

And I can guarantee that you'll be seeing more park pics in the near future. Now that we've had a taste of the outdoors again, it's going to be hard to keep us inside!


  1. all of these pictures are awesome. so wish we lived closer.

  2. I'm surprised you knew who Farrah was. Your flowers are lovely and the boys aren't bad either :)