Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Personal Touch

Sending correspondence through regular mail has become almost unheard of with the exception of advertisements and financial statements. Email made it possible to instantly communicate with friends, family, and co-workers, no matter where their location on the globe. As social networking becomes more and more popular people prefer to communicate via text, tweet, or status update. While I appreciate the convenience and entertainment value of these options, even I, at 25, recognize that it comes at a cost. There is something lost in these technical approaches to dialogue.

When upon checking the mailbox I discover I received a card or letter, something not instantly tossed in the trash can or shredded, I get excited! It represents time, effort, and much more than simply paper.

When recently asked to send invitations for a friend's shower, I was happy to do it. But I decided I wanted to do something more and add a personal touch. I made the invites! It was a labor of love, and I am so happy I did it.

I think each of the girls who receives an invitation will at least appreciate that it is customized especially for our common friend. Plus, in making the invitations I discovered my newest crafting love....the edger punch! How stinkin' cute are these edges?!

I encourage each of you to find things that will inspire you to embrace the tradition of written correspondence. Send a letter to someone you care about! And then text them a reminder to check their mailbox...because I'm pretty sure most of my friends have abandoned that daily chore.

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