Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top Golf

Last night Andreas and I went to Top Golf. What is Top Golf? Well I'm glad you asked.

This, dear readers, is Top Golf. It's a two story driving range with various targets scattered throughout the field? green? course? Whatever it's called, you get the point. There are different games you can play - hit specific targets, points for hitting any target, etc. I played make contact with the ball. Okay, that's not really a game, but it was my personal goal for the evening. Each player gets their own set of golf balls equipped with an RFID tag or something technical of that nature. When a ball is hit, the computer registers which player hit the ball, where the ball goes, and how many points the player deserves.

In reality, Top Golf is a place where inexperienced players like myself can publicly embarrass themselves. See all these people? They get to watch while you whiff the ball...repeatedly.

But it's all in fun! This is an extremely popular place. We had to wait over an hour for a bay to open up, on a Wednesday night no less! Good thing they serve yummy food and drinks, and we were in the company of friends.

Here I am on the girls' bay. Just take a look at that form. I'll be going pro in no time. Or not. You can't see it well in the picture, but my shoes are argyle. Fashion is an important aspect of the game.
Here Andreas shows us the proper golfer's stance. I'm sure all you seasoned golfers could point out technical flaws, but I think he looks pretty convincing!

It was a really fun evening overall, and we will definitely be going back. We plan to go with Kirk and Megan when they come visit!

Side note: West Palm Beach in 2 weeks. Get excited!

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  1. Looks really fun. We can't wait to see you in WPB.