Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Bump Watch}

Mother of the Year, I'm not. Less than a month from my firstborn's 2nd birthday and a mere two pages of his baby book are complete. So it comes as no surprise really that with my second pregnancy I've completely failed to commemorate the process. There is no clever journal, no creative photo montage. No layette has been washed in baby-safe detergent, no coming home outfit has been purchased. (I'm actually starting to freak myself out a bit as I write this).

But sweet baby boy, know that we love you. Far and I pray for you, dream about you, and anticipate your arrival. We talk excitedly (and nervously) about what our family will be like once you are finally here. We teach your big brother about how to treat and care for you.

So here is my late attempt at documentation. At 31 weeks pregnant, I spent ten minutes running back and forth across my bedroom trying to take a decent self-portrait of the baby bump. I hope to squeeze a couple more of these in before your arrival, but let's not hold our breath.


  1. You're lovely. And such a great mom Ash! Can't wait to meet number 2! :)

  2. You completely DO deserve "Mother of the Year" ... Love you