Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{Week in Review}

This week I decided to begin teaching preschool lessons at home.  'Teaching' and 'lessons' are actually misleading descriptions of what we are doing.  It's nothing near that impressive.  Essentially I created a curriculum of weekly topics that Anders and I will study together using books, crafts, songs, and other activities.  As I reread that sentence, I still think it sounds way too formal for what we are doing, so let me show you.  This week, our topic was Winter.  One day we read Spot's Snowy Day and made a snowman (note:  the bigger the drool circle around the neck, the deeper the concentration).

We actually got snow on Tuesday, which totally played into my Winter theme.  This was a miracle because I was starting to think  that explaining the concept of snow to a toddler in Texas was a cruel joke.

At my mom's suggestion, I tried to get Anders to catch a snowflake on his tongue. His success was limited by the fact that he was only willing to stick his tongue a millimeter beyond his lips.  But he was amused by the fact that the snow stuck to his shoes.

The next day Anders decided to do some yoga while I changed his sheets.

This is Anders doing his best impression of a dancing robot.  I realize that probably doesn't make much sense, but suffice it to say that he has a DVD that teaches numbers through a 'robot dance'.  Please feel sorry for me for having to view such content.

Nanny (my sister) came to visit us later in the week and treated us to sno cones.  Anders loved it, which is no surprise since he's obsessed with all things sugary and delicious.

On Friday afternoon I decided to take Anders to Petsmart.  I wish I could say I thought of the idea on my own, but I had seen a friend on Facebook post something about free toddler entertainment and thought it was a great idea.  It was probably a fair mix of torture and excitement for Anders seeing as how I reminded him every other minute that we were not taking any of the animals home.  The Doggy Daycare viewing wall was our first stop.

We also looked at guinea pigs, which totally backfired when the crazy kind Petsmart worker took one out for Anders to pet.  He promptly poked it in the eye while I stood a foot away.  They smelled.

We checked out the birds and fish too.  I was actually hoping we might find some lizards or spiders, but apparently those are not hot commodities in the pet world these days.

I did learn one thing - it's impossible to get a picture of your child's face while in a pet store.   I hope everyone enjoyed all those photos of the back of Anders' head!

Over the weekend, Andreas and Anders ran around the backyard playing soccer.  

Anders was spellbound watching his dad juggle.

We also ventured out to a local park where Anders did some exploring.  The weather and light were gorgeous that afternoon, and even though he refused to look at the camera I think we got some pretty cute shots. 

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