Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Week in Review}

Some weeks I am hyper-aware of God's goodness.  My perspective is filtered, and I'm able to grasp the preciousness of simple moments - searching for undamaged acorn 'hats' along the sidewalk with my sister and my boy, clumsily practicing yoga poses in my aunt's kitchen, coloring polar bears around the kitchen table as a family.  How I wish I could cling to that feeling in moments of ingratitude!

This week Anders and I were able to take a quick roadtrip to my aunt and uncle's new house.  We were fortunate to have my sister come along with us, and we met my mom and cousin there so it was quite the gathering.  The overnight trip included exploring the new house, searching for deals at a few resale shops in town, chatting, eating, and yes - an informal yoga session led by my mom in the kitchen.  

When Anders wasn't playing with all the toys he was spoiled with upon our arrival (the monster truck above could not be abandoned for picture taking), he was more than happy to explore the machinery in the giant barn.  A riding lawnmower and mulcher to sit on provided easy entertainment, but I'm confident his favorite 'toy' was the trail wagon.  Uncle Buck was more than happy to oblige Anders with an off-roading expedition, which pretty much cemented him into Anders' list of favorite people for life.

The rest of our activities this week were more relaxed.  We dug around the piles of acorns readily available throughout the neighborhood in search of perfect specimens.

Andreas helped Anders get a little more comfortable on his bike, which he clearly loved.

I'd say he's getting the hang of it.

When we found an awesome wooden chest on our neighbors curb, we happily adopted it.  Anders quickly saw its potential.

After biking and jumping, we moved the party inside to color some Arctic animals (our most recent preschool topic) and eat a snack.  What do you get when you mix Nutella toast and a boy roaring like a polar bear?

Complete with messy polar bear kisses.

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  1. I totally remember hunting for acorns as a kid. I even still have an "Acorn Man" I made from toothpicks, fabric scraps and an acorn head complete with HAT. I'll show him to you next time you are here:)
    Keep up the YOGA ... tis god for ya!