Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{Bump Watch}

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant.  The Final Countdown, anthem of the 80's hair band Europe, is on repeat in my head (if you don't understand this reference I urge you to Google and enjoy - disclaimer, it will get stuck in your head too!).  It's totally normal that I'm channelling a Swedish rock band since this baby is half Scandinavian, right?

Anyway, at this point the idea of taking pictures of myself seems like unjust punishment.  38 weeks may look good on some people, but I am not one of them.  To avoid the terror of close-ups and full-body shots, this week I recruited a cuter model to pose with me.

And since I haven't done a Week in Review post in a while, I thought I would give you guys a quick update on our lives. I have no idea how to work these random ideas into a cohesive paragraph, so instead you're getting a couple of simplified Perks and Peeves lists.

-On a couple of different nights last week Anders spiked an abnormally high fever. I couldn't identify any other symptoms, and an initial trip to the doctor validated my confusion. Anders' caring and capable doctors didn't want to send us away without a resolution, which I greatly appreciate. However, this meant that our Friday and Saturday included no less than three doctor visits, a blood sample, a catheter, two shots, and several equally painful credit card swipes towards our deductible. The good news is that it doesn't appear to be anything serious, just ear infections, although we are still waiting on results from the blood culture.
-My OB took the week off to enjoy a luxurious trip to France with her daughter for Spring Break, which meant no update on Baby Vang. I actually had an appointment yesterday though where I learned I'm measuring 42 weeks and showing very little progress. Not exactly the news I was hoping for, but at least we are healthy!  
-The pregnancy swelling is in full effect. I walked Anders to the park and returned without my ankles. It took two full days for my feet to regain any sort of recognizable shape.

-The weather this weekend was phenomenal. We worked in the yard, planted flowers, threw the frisbee, and grilled out twice. Spring is almost here!
-I got my pre-baby pedicure. Now I love a pedicure on a normal day, but a pedicure is pure heaven for 38 week pregnant, elephant feet. I completely believe this aided in the reduction of my swelling. Oh, and the $5 salt scrub that bought me fifteen extra minutes of massaging? Worth. Every. Penny.
-My sister returned from visiting my parents. I am always excited to have her around, but especially appreciated the fact that she stuck around after her flight to babysit Anders so I could go to the doctor and get some work done. Thanks, Hannah!

There you have it, our week in a nutshell.  Who knows how many more of these Bump Watch posts are coming.  He can't stay in there forever...

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