Sunday, March 31, 2013

{Holiday: Easter}

In anticipation of Baby Vang's arrival, my mom flew in to town at the beginning of last week.  To compound the excitement and chaos, my sister is temporarily crashing here to avoid the annoying and expensive (have you people seen these gas prices?!) 30 minute drive between her home and mine while our mom is visiting.  We are still patiently anticipating Baby, but in the mean time we've found plenty of fun activities to distract ourselves.

This year we decided to go big with the Easter egg decorating.  We littered the table with crayons and stickers and set about our plans.  As our kit suggested, we dissolved the dye tablets in lemon juice before adding water to try and dye our eggs vibrant colors.  This seemed to work well for the color pink, but that was about it in my opinion.  I also attempted making a glitter egg, but that mostly resulted in a mess of glitter on my fingers and very little on the egg.

We even tried to dye some wooden eggs, but they float!  Who knew?!  People smarter than me, that's who.  Needless to say, Anders was unimpressed.

After that disgruntled expression, I asked Anders to 'show me his eyes' hoping he would just look at me normally or smile... the result was not exactly the shot I was going for.

Really the activity that Anders found most entertaining was playing with the wooden eggs in his own bowl of water 'dye'.  That way he could dunk them and yell 'dip' over and over to his little heart's delight, which he found absolutely thrilling.

Here he is giving me some Easter 'cheeeeeese'.

Dying eggs requires ultimate concentration.

He wasn't exactly an expert at using the cheap, wire egg dipper, but he didn't let that get him down.

The newest and most exciting Easter egg decorating we attempted this year was silk dying the eggs with old ties and scarves (there are tons of tutorials online), and it actually worked!  They turned out beautifully!  We'll definitely be trying this again next year.

Before and after...

Now for the fun part - hiding them all for Anders to find!

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