Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Weekend Update: Man's Work}

It was absolutely beautiful outside today, cool but perfectly sunny with very little wind.  I don't mean to boast that spring is already here in Texas, but it undoubtedly is.  My phone reminded me all day that this isn't the case in most places, my social media accounts flooded with pictures of children building snowmen and friends smiling on the slopes.  And while I am grateful for the warmer weather, I must admit that short winters make for much yard work.  I'm still waiting to inherit my parents' green thumbs, so all of the weeding and watering is rather cumbersome.

I can't complain though because my awesome husband takes care of most outdoor work around our house.  Even though his lawn equipment only gets a few short months off during the year, he insists that seasonal maintenance is key.  So today he walked Anders through a proper tune-up before the first mow of 2013.

You have to change the oil...

and gas up.

Feel free to congratulate yourself on a job well done when your project is complete.

It is so much fun to watch Andreas teach Anders (okay let's be real - this was more a demo than actual instruction)!  I can't wait to see what other valuable lessons my sons learn from their Far.

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