Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{iPhone Rewind}

This may or may not be my most random post to date. Andreas is working late tonight, meaning I spent no less than twelve consecutive hours solo parenting a toddler and a baby. I love my boys, but that's a full day, and my brain is a pile of mush. 

So first, an iPhone rewind of August so far. Please forgive my terrible phone photography. 

1// Brothers - Anders is really starting to interact with Aksel more. He notices when Aksel is watching him. He asks if they can roll a ball back and forth. He shows him his toys. I am loving watching their friendship blossom!

2//Serious bedhead - This is what Anders looks like almost every time he wakes up. When we walked into church this Sunday morning and his hair looked like that, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe it's time to start combing his hair before we leave the house. Oops.

3//Excited about the straw necklace he strung - I cut a few plastic drinking straws into two-inch pieces and showed Anders how to thread them onto yarn using a plastic crochet needle. He was so proud of himself!

4//Cuddle time - I don't remember the story behind this picture, but I do know I love when my baby falls asleep in my arms.

5//Enjoying a TV show in a blanket burrito - We love PBS programming at our house. The lineup of kids' shows is so clever! On this particular morning, Anders kept requesting that I tuck him in with his blanket. He would stay bundled for a few seconds before breaking loose and requesting, 'Again?'

6//My three guys - This is pretty self explanatory. 

7//Front yard landscaping improvements - This summer we've made an effort to upgrade our front flower beds. I'm particularly fond of this little grouping, especially the blue sage.

8//Testing out Far's new eye protection - Andreas purchased some much-needed glasses for mowing the lawn, and Anders was excited to try them on.

9//Sweet baby smiles - Aksel is such a happy baby. He loves attention, and I'm a sucker for that sweet smile.

10//New sneakers - For the past week Anders has been telling me his feet hurt when I put on his shoes. Guess he had a foot growth spurt! We looked several places before finding a few pairs that I thought were supportive, cute, and had simple closures. These are from Target if you're wondering. He rocks them.

11//Aftermath of the four month well-visit - Nothing like several shots to wear a baby out. I had to rock him to sleep this day, but I didn't mind. It happens so rarely!

12//Cleaning out my purse - This is a picture of shame. So many receipts, toys, mail, pens, and other randomness. It felt so good to purge after about three months of hoarding.

13//Organizing the craft closet - I recently purchased a bunch of educational tools, materials, and manipulatives (mostly at the Dollar Store!). This sounds great and practical, except they didn't have a place to live and were being temporarily stored on the floor beside my bed. The pile was a treasure trove for Anders, and daily he would march out of my room with a new 'toy' to play with. Now they are all organized and put away in the guest closet!

14//Bouncer baby - Anders was absolutely crazy for this bouncer. Aksel likes it too, but he is getting a little big for it already!

15//Showing off his licorice - If there was any doubt he's half-Danish, here's your proof. Since Andreas first introduced licorice to Anders last week, he's been asking me for 'more lick rish'.

16//Testing gear at Sports Authority - I asked Anders to try on the baseball helmet to send a picture to my brother, Kirk. When I put it on he said, 'Hi, Kirk. Michael.' All the uncles got a shoutout in one sitting. 

I also got a few extra cute photos of Aksel this week and feel like I owe it to the world grandparents to share.

We officially have a tummy sleeper on our hands. This week Aksel kept crashing out while on his play gym. I was so excited because Anders would never fall asleep on his own like that. Of course the trend didn't last long and this weekend he was over it! I had been telling Andreas for days how easy it was to put Aksel to sleep, and Aksel was determined to make a liar out of me.

Good thing I took a bunch of pictures as proof. Another day, another nap.

Those squishy cheeks are getting big and starting to sag!

And lastly, two of my favorite guys in the world. 

I'm a lucky girl to have these handsome faces greet me every day!


  1. So many great pictures! .... but my favorite was the PURSE PURGE. It made me feel so much better about MYSELF :)