Sunday, August 18, 2013

{Weekend Update: Family Photos}

In July I mentioned that I didn't have any photos of the four of us and that I was hoping to take a new family picture soon. Now, three weekends later, we've finally accomplished our goal. 

If you are interested in taking your own family photo, here is what you will need:
  • A tripod and camera with self-timer
  • ~1.5 square meters of your outdoor property that is fully shaded and doesn't look overgrown or unkempt
  • Agreeable family members*
*This, as usual, is the ultimate variable. Agreeability may be obtained by means of bribery or threats, but almost always requires that participants be well-fed and well-rested.

This morning we all cleaned up and headed into the backyard for our informal photo session. Aksel was slightly cranky (a direct result of our failure to meet the well-rested requirement), and that quickly escalated into downright angry. Our best efforts were thwarted by wet grass, splotchy lighting, and distractions in the form of sports equipment, balls, and a plethora of other inviting toys that proved irresistible to Anders. We managed to get a couple of pictures that masked the mood of the moment and projected a more fitting image of our family, a group of people that loves one another dearly. We were pretty satisfied with the results, all things considered, but were still entertaining the idea of heading out later in the day after Aksel had taken a nap.

I'm so glad we decided to try again, because it was a totally different experience. We were actually having fun! And I'm definitely happy to have a little color in the background.

I will warn you that you probably shouldn't attempt this if you are easily embarrassed. Posing the family in the front yard, acting goofy to entice children's smiles, and running sweatily back and forth between camera and your mark on an August afternoon is not for the faint of heart.

The picture below is my personal favorite. I know Aksel isn't exactly looking at the camera, but that quizzical stare at his brother is so typical these days.

And of course I had to get a picture of my three guys. They are so handsome!

Lest you think me overdramatic, I felt the need to include a more 'real' picture. This is what the vast majority of our photos looked like today. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

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  1. Absolutely love the last one:) Anders did really good with his smile though... so fun:) Miss you guys.