Friday, August 23, 2013

{Week in Review}

For some strange reason this week, the hours we've spent outside have increased right along with the temperature. I have no explanation, but I'm not complaining either (well, not too much anyway).

Anders is finally tall enough to 'ride' his bike on his own, meaning he can sit on the seat and still have his feet touching the ground. We've been taking walks each morning, Anders leading on his bike, and Aksel and I following in the stroller. Anders still isn't 100% comfortable in his riding abilities, so our walks are slow, but we enjoy waving to neighbors, spotting animals, plants, and planes, riding over bumps, and generally enjoying the lazy pace.

And although his confidence isn't all there, he certainly looks the part.

Aksel lounges, studying his big brother, and Anders takes care to show him any particularly interesting sticks, acorns, or other collectibles. (Side note: Don't hate me for putting him in pants in August. The kid is trying to scoot around, so I do my best to attempt to protect his little knees!)

The Carrollton Public Library hosted Digger Day this week to mark the end of the summer reading program. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate their creativity and love taking advantage of a free activity as much as the next person, but did no one consider an indoor ice cream social? Because let me tell you, looking at construction equipment in an open parking lot in the middle of the day in August will leave you SWEATY. But I digress.

The first vehicle we explored was a dump truck. The air horn on this thing, people. Oh my gosh, my ears are still ringing! The kids absolutely loved it, of course.

Next up was a flatbed truck. Anders got some insider tips from the operator.

I think the crowd pleaser was the bulldozer.

Anders demonstrated his excitement by performing a jig. If i was smart enough to animate a GIF, I would, but let's face it this is a pretty low-tech blog.

I think the excavator was Anders' favorite, but that could also have been because it was the last machine we examined. Anders was used to the idea of climbing into the high seats, receiving instructions from the drivers, and hunting for the horn buttons on the steering wheels.

We have a busy and exciting weekend coming up. I'm sure I'll have lots of new pictures to share next week!

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  1. Oldefar would have loved those pictures of him on the bike! I need to see his dance moves pretty soon!