Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{DIY: Valentine's Treats}

Like many people, Andreas is not a huge fan of Valentine's Day.   For him it's too fabricated, too forced.  And so, like any good wife, I taunt him.  I tell him I can't wait to receive my heart-shaped box of chocolates and singing bear on the 14th (which, in case you are missing the sarcasm, is a total joke).  Although if heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and singing bears are your thing, more power to you.  This year I've even been referring to February as the Month of Love.  So, I wanted to do something special for Andreas to build up to Valentine's Day, any excuse to make 'Month of Love' references really.  Obviously since this was to be done in love and jest, it couldn't break the bank.  These little treats are quick and easy to put together.  I've been having fun leaving them around the house for Andreas to find.  With a little tweaking you could make them appropriate for any loved one!

Hope your Month of Love is off to a good start!

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