Monday, February 25, 2013

{Birthday: Anders Turns 2!}

Anders turned two years old this weekend.  That fact seems impossible to me, but I know my perspective is a bit skewed.  Regardless, he's now fully capable of informing you of his age if you're lucky enough to find him focused and in a cooperative mood.  In other words, don't count on it.

On Saturday, we started the celebration weekend off right, which is to say we ate donuts for breakfast.  This was probably the only day in my life where two donuts did not provide the amount of sugar I required as fuel.  Truthfully I could have wheeled around a glucose IV bag all day and still probably would have passed out before sunset.  Being 35 weeks pregnant and hosting a two year-old's birthday party, no matter how low-key, is not for the faint of heart.

This year we took our party theme cue from Anders and embraced all things Elmo.  The house was complete with Elmo birthday banner, Elmo gift bags, and an Elmo welcome sign at the door.

We wrapped the kitchen table in butcher paper, set out Elmo coloring pages and crayons, and provided pre-cut materials for the kids to make Elmo masks complete with googly eyes.  This casual setup was my solution knowing we would have kids in a pretty wide age range to entertain at the party.  

And of course no party is complete without food:  Elmo noses (clementines), goldfish in honor of Elmo's goldfish Dorothy, Twizzlers, apples, and grapes to represent Elmo's favorite color red, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and cupcakes! Oh yeah, we also had Elmo's favorite food, pizza, but apparently I didn't get a picture.  The pizza boxes weren't part of my cute display ;)

We sang happy birthday, which required pulling out a lighter more than once since Anders believes blowing out candles is the coolest party trick ever.  

And we unwrapped gifts, which at this age is a collaborative effort.  It's so funny to see all the kids huddle up and attack the tissue paper together.  I should also take a moment here to thank our friend Page.  Every time Anders picked up a new gift, he ran to sit in Page's lap (see green shirt in the lower picture) for help unwrapping.  Thank you Page for happily playing along!

Anders took the opportunity to model some of his gifts...

...including an excited dance in these Justice League big boy underwear

...and some cuddles in this awesome, handmade, hooded towel.

Thank you to all our sweet and crazy generous friends who came to play and sing and celebrate.

The day was awesome, Anders had a fantastic time, and I could barely keep myself awake long enough afterward to make sure my family got a nutritious dinner of cold, leftover pizza.

Sunday was Anders' actual birthday.  After a botched attempt at pancakes for breakfast (I spilled an entire shaker of salt before realizing I didn't have Bisquick, butter, or buttermilk), we settled for cereal.  The rest of the day included church, a delicious lunch with new friends, family naptime, and dinner at Blue Mesa. Overall it was a great, relaxed day enjoying one another's company and thanking God for what a blessing Anders is to our family.  

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